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Dive Points in Fernando de Noronha



Buraco do Inferno


- Depth max 50 ft

- Stunning flora and fauna 

- Turtle, lobster, Octopus


Buraco das Cabras


- Depth max 50 ft

- Rocky formations

- Drift dive

- Turtle, surgeonfish, ray, many shoals of fish, coral, sponges,




Cabeço da Sapata


- Depth max 140 ft. advanced point

- Multilevel dive

- Big grouper, rays, turtle and sharks

Cabeço das Cordas


- Depth 55 ft until 110 ft

- Many maritime currents guarantee shoals of large fish



Cabeço Submarino


Depth max. 76 ft

Considered one of the most interesting formations of the Sea of Fora. During diving up to 76 ft, allows us to observe the entire extension of the head a spiral ascent.

 A place with a lot of life that houses numerous lobsters, barracudas, turtles, several shoals and occasionally some sharks




- Depth 18 ft until 110 ft.

- Point for discovery and certificate diver.

- Lobster, octopus, rays, turtle and numerous color fish shoals.




- Depth  max. 56 ft

- 3 rocky formations. Point of rest and feed of turtles because

   there is a lot of seaweed.

- Sharks, barracudas and shoals.


Caverna da Sapata


- Depth max. 80 ft.

- Big Cave with height 50 ft and 100 ft length

- Big rays, groupers and other big fishes.




- Rocky wall with 100 ft

- Outstanding view with diversity lifes and formations.

Corveta V17-Ipiranga

- Depth Max. 203 ft

- The best dive in Brasil. It’s lodged in the seabed as if it were sailing.

- Many shoals, barracudas, rays, big groupers, wahoo and other.


Ilha do Frade


- Depth. 27 ft until 73 ft.

- Many color Fish and lobsters, turtles e rays.


Ilha do Meio


- Depth max. 50 ft

- Point of calm Waters, between sea on the outside and inside. - - - Many marine life. Several small caves.



- Depth 40 ft until 85 ft.

- Canyons, caves, formations rocks. Dive to experienced divers.  Many of variety of fish and sharks.




DSC_4977 (002).jpg



Laje Dois Irmãos

- Depth max. 73 ft

- Turtle, rays and sharks.




- Depth max. 132 ft

- Sea outside. Drift dive, formations rocks, many seaweed guarantee shoals big fish . In addition to the famous Eel Garden, we occasionally see sharks and lemon sharks.


Morro de Fora


- Depth max. 53 ft

- Concentration of fire corals. Many shoals or small colored fishes.





- Depth 27 ft until 40 ft.

- Special point of the Discovery dive and night diving.

- Groupers, barracudas and many fish of the passage.


Pedras Secas

- Depth 53 ft.

- Special dive over a fantastic scenario, canyons and small caves.

Barracudas, rays, turtles, lobster, lemon sharks.

- One of the most famous dive point in Brazil.


Trinta Reis

- Depth max. 73 ft

- Canyon between two rocky walls.

- Sharks, rays, turtle and big shoal of the surgeonfish